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I am an ambitious person with larger than life dreams. I work as a full time Professional Blogger and Digital and Social Marketing Consultant. I love playing guitar, flute and synthesizer. I also have passion for photography, check out some of my shots on My Flickr Page. I have deep interest in reading about technology, computers, automobiles and gadgets. I readĀ  a lot of technology and automobile blogs.

I was born and brought up in Delhi. Did my schooling from Ravindra Public School, Delhi. I did my degree in Mechanical Engineering from Delhi College of Engineering. The best years of my life have been during my college days and I enjoyed it a lot. I had been a part of Defianz Racing Team of Delhi College of Engineering and represented Delhi University in Formula Student Competition in the year 2005. Being a part of Defianz Racing team in DCE is an honor in itself and I really cherish the phase of my life.

After my degree I took a conscious decision of getting into software development as my profession because I had deep interest in computers and technology. Around the end of year 2007, me and my school buddy Abhishek Bhatnagar (one of my best friends) got an idea of starting a computer troubleshooting blog. We both have been doing a lots of computer troubleshooting inĀ  both on hardware and software level for our friends and relatives. We decided to start Trouble Fixers during a hangout at Kamla Nagar (it is still our favorite hangout place). We got a lot of positive feedback and appreciation for Trouble Fixers, which is a real motivation for us to write good articles to help people solve their computer problems.

Car Blog India is another blog which I started during September 2008 to fulfill my personal appetite for writing about cars and bikes. Learning about cars, bikes and automotive technologies is my passion which I express by writing on this blog at times. I enjoy writing about whatever I write on it.

Updated on 17 Dec 2009:

I have been recently interviewed by Speak Bindas. Read my Interview here.

You can get in touch with me here.

Updated on 3 Mar 2010 :

I have been selected as a Featured Blogger at CarDekho.com . Thanks for this honor.